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Who are we?

Ixil concept is born in the highlands of the Cuchumatanes, where the Ixil culture remains, integrated by the towns of Cotzal, Chajul and Nebaj; it is surrounded by more than 30 communities with great potential in textiles, agriculture and wood. Although the Ixil is a small population, they are people with desire of being successful and have a constant entrepreneur vision.

It is here where the artisan women, who are part of Ixil Concept, weave their lives through waist and foot weaving, which they have kept as a tradition making through them beautiful designs and artisan products.

For several years, the group of artisan women, have developed a diversity of artisan products, because of this they have received different types of training in design, how to handle foot looms, improvements on waist weaving, dying thread, marketing, production methods to keep quality.

Ixil Concept is formed with the support of Fundacion Agros Guatemala, NGO that for more than 24 years has dedicated itself to develop productive projects, committed to the vision and entrepreneur growth of the communities and in the end to improve people’s quality of life.

We walk to the process of offering each time better products with artisan’s quality that can meet our customers’ needs, preserving always the Ixil cultural focus.

Ixil Concept contributes constantly to the development of artisan quality products, but also maintains good practices in taking the artisans into an excellent life quality.

Our Values

Dignity: We respect the different ways of thinking, cultural and religious expression of the people, families and communities that surround us giving them the value they deserve.

Commitment: We are willing to be responsible of the commitments acquired in participative, timely, efficacious and efficient.

Participation: We allow the women involved to be part of taking the decisions involved with the project; we take into consideration the opinion of the leaders inside the community and the organization.

Sustainability: When everything made today is done thinking about tomorrow and what is done in this place is done thinking about the surrounding; programs that are auto sustainable, workable, than can be financed in medium term are implemented.

Who are we?
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